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Every Part
Is Important

In 1960, ECCO started in a garage with two entrepreneurs who believed they could produce better quality parts than what was available locally. Thanks to their passion for precision, quality and service excellence, we’ve become one of North America’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of sheet metal products. Because we believe every part is important.


Galvanized Duct, Pipe, Fittings And Elbows

Duct and fittings to deliver and remove air for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning: key components to indoor air quality and building and home comfort.

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Residential and Commercial Type B Vent, SnapRabbit Polypropylene Venting System, and ECCO Special Gas Vent for all your venting requirements.

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Aluminum & Stainless Products

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Flexible Duct and Chimney Liners

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Spiral Pipe And Fittings

ECCO Spiral Pipe combines the economy of light gauge materials with a spirally formed lockseam construction that provides maximum strength and rigidity.

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Flat Oval Duct And Fittings

Flat oval duct is machine-made from round spiral lockseamed duct. The oval shape produces less of a flat surface therefore making it less susceptible to vibration than rectangular ducts which reduces the need for rod and angle iron reinforcement.

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The ECCODUCT™ system is a rectangular spiral seamed duct embedded in the structural concrete floors of high-rise buildings. The primary use of ECCODUCT™ is to exhaust air from bathroom fans, range hoods, and clothes dryers, but can also be used for fresh air intake and supply air.

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Building Products

From light to heavy gauge material in galvanized or pre-painted and from one piece to thousands of pieces, we are your source for stock and custom siding and roofing accessories. We also produce and distribute products in copper, aluminum and plastic or any other material that is required. When it comes to sealing your products, we have you covered. Whether its silicone or soldered, high heat galvanized or brazing, we have the right product to suit your customers’ needs.

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Distributed Products

Ductmate, Imperial Boflex, Imperial Matte Black Stove Pipe, Primex Residential Grilles, Registers and Diffusers, Primex Venting Products, Shoemaker Grilles and Diffusers, Thermo Manufacturing, HVAC Related Products

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Wholesale Catalog

You can download the entire catalog here.

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OEM? We can do it.

Whether it’s helping design a prototype or a full production run on a custom product, our OEM capabilities are without equal. From R&D and engineering to final fabrication, we can make it for you.

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Find a Distributor

In Canada and throughout the United States we have a wide network of trusted distributors. Let us help you find the closest one to you.