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Every Employee
Is Important

Family Day 2022

At ECCO, we care deeply for our employees and know they do their best to give their families everything they need. That is why we had a special day to say thanks to all the family members of our supportive teammates.

People like it here

Companies often say their employees are their most valuable resource. We know it. And our employees know it, too. That’s why so many of them have been with us for so long – many for over 20 years!

Highly trained, skilled, and knowledgeable, our dedicated staff take pride in ensuring our products are the finest quality. And we take pride in treating them like family, investing in their personal and professional success.


Keeping everyone safe

We believe every employee is entitled to a safe work environment and everyone is equally responsible and accountable for our company’s overall safety initiatives. That’s why we use our employees’ ideas to not only meet but exceed provincial legislative and best practices requirements. We take care of each other at ECCO. And it shows.


Every story is important. Here’s ours.