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From light to heavy gauge material in galvanized or pre-painted and from one piece to thousands of pieces, we are your source for stock and custom siding and roofing accessories. We also produce and distribute products in copper, aluminum and plastic or any other material that is required. When it comes to sealing your products, we have you covered. Whether its silicone or soldered, high heat galvanized or brazing, we have the right product to suit your customers' needs.


Primex Roof Vents RVL28 Series / WC28 Wall Cap

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Roof Vents RVL28 Series / WC28 Wall Cap

683286683786RVL2825Roof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentBlack – 2527.86
683287683787RVL2828Roof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Grey – 2827.86
683288683788RVL2868Roof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Brown – 6827.86
683289683789RVL2828NSRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Grey – 2840.36
C683091C683091WC28Wall Cap: Intake Exhaust Vent27.86
C683091C683091WC28NSWall Cap: Intake Exhaust Vent40.36

Note: NS = No Bird Screen. Colors: RVL28 – Black (25), Dark Brown (68), Light Grey (31), Dark Grey (28) WC28 – Light Grey (31), Snow White (01), Tan (45), Taupe (23)