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From light to heavy gauge material in galvanized or pre-painted and from one piece to thousands of pieces, we are your source for stock and custom siding and roofing accessories. We also produce and distribute products in copper, aluminum and plastic or any other material that is required. When it comes to sealing your products, we have you covered. Whether its silicone or soldered, high heat galvanized or brazing, we have the right product to suit your customers' needs.


Type B Oval Gas Vent And Fittings

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SKUMODEL #DescriptionCTN/QTYWT/100QuantityAdd to Cart
6140024OV54" × 5 ft. Oval Gas Vent6717
6140044OV44" × 4 ft. Oval Gas Vent6600
6140064OV34" × 3 ft. Oval Gas Vent6450
6140084OV24" × 2 ft. Oval Gas Vent6300
6140104OV184" × 18" Oval Gas Vent6233
6140124OV124" × 12" Oval Gas Vent6150
6140144OV64" × 6" Oval Gas Vent683
6140164OV12A4" × 12" Oval Gas Vent Adj. Length6150
6140184OVSL4" × 45° Elbow – Standard6133
6140204OVFL4" × 45° Elbow – Flat6133
6140364OVWVT4" Wall Vent Tee6
6140224OV-RD4" Oval to Round Adapter6100
6140244RD-OV4" Round to Oval Adapter6100
6140314OVFS4" Firestop Spacers 2" × 4"25 pairs148
6140324OVFS64" Firestop Spacers 2" × 6"*
6140264OVAC4" Oval White Cap24
6140304OVF4" Oval Flashing12
6140284OVSC4" Oval Storm Collar24

*Product shipped individually.


SKUMODEL #DescriptionCTN/QTYWT/100QuantityAdd to Cart
6141025OV55" × 5 ft. Oval Gas Vent41025
6141045OV45" × 4 ft. Oval Gas Vent4850
6141065OV35" × 3 ft. Oval Gas Vent6616
6141085OV25" × 2 ft. Oval Gas Vent6400
6141105OV185" × 18" Oval Gas Vent6333
6141125OV125" × 12" Oval Gas Vent6217
6141145OV65" × 6" Oval Gas Vent6117
6141165OV12A5" × 12" Oval Gas Vent Adj. Length6217
6141185OVSL5" × 45° Elbow – Standard6117
6141205OVFL5" × 45° Elbow – Flat6167
6141345OVT5" Oval Wall Tee6
6141225OV-RD5" Oval to Round Adapter6167
6141245RD-OV5" Round to Oval Adapter6167
6141325OVFS65" Firestop Spacers 2" × 6"*
6141265OVAC5" Oval White Cap12
6141305OVF5" Oval Flashing12
6141285OVSC5" Oval Storm Collar*