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Air Connectors and Duct, Aluminum Roof Drains, Stack Caps and Stacks, Birdscreen, Blast Gates, Ductcap®, The Dryerbox®, and much more.


Aluminum Stack Caps

H8 - Aluminum Stack Caps
H8 - Aluminum Stack Cap dimension

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Aluminum Stack Caps

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SKU: 379810Size: 1-1/4A ("): 1-1/4B ("): 2CTN/QTY: *WT/100: 35
SKU: 379811Size: 1-1/2A ("): 1-1/2B ("): 2-1/2CTN/QTY: *WT/100: 40
SKU: 379812Size: 2A ("): 2B ("): 2-3/4CTN/QTY: *WT/100: 50
SKU: 379813Size: 3A ("): 3B ("): 3-3/4CTN/QTY: *WT/100: 65
SKU: 379814Size: 4A ("): 4B ("): 5CTN/QTY: *WT/100: 82

*Product shipped individually.
* Available in Canada only.