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Ceiling and Sidewall Diffusers

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Ceiling and Sidewall Diffusers – Supply/Exhaust – Plastic WGX Series – True-Flow Vent

SKUMODEL #DescriptionSizeFREE AREA (SQ.IN.)CTN/QTYQuantityAdd to Cart
SKU: 683340MODEL #: WGX4Description: Adjustable Air DiffuserSize: 4" dia.FREE AREA (SQ.IN.): 10.5CTN/QTY: 25
SKU: 683342MODEL #: WGX5Description: Adjustable Air DiffuserSize: 5" dia.FREE AREA (SQ.IN.): 16.9CTN/QTY: 25
SKU: 683344MODEL #: WGX6Description: Adjustable Air DiffuserSize: 6" dia.FREE AREA (SQ.IN.): 25.1CTN/QTY: 25
SKU: 683346MODEL #: WGX7Description: Adjustable Air DiffuserSize: 7" dia.FREE AREA (SQ.IN.): 35.5CTN/QTY: 15
SKU: 683348MODEL #: WGX8Description: Adjustable Air DiffuserSize: 8" dia.FREE AREA (SQ.IN.): 45.5CTN/QTY: 15

Ceiling and Sidewall Diffusers Accessories

SKUUS ITEM #MODEL #DescriptionSizeCTN/QTYQuantityAdd to Cart
SKU: 683092US ITEM #: 683592MODEL #: EB4X90Description: Squeeze Elbow For WG401Size: 4CTN/QTY: 25

Ceiling and Sidewall Diffusers WG Series – Adjust-A-Vent

SKUUS ITEM #MODEL #DescriptionSizeFREE AREA (SQ.IN.)CTN/QTYQuantityAdd to Cart
SKU: 683104US ITEM #: 683604MODEL #: WG401Description: Short BaseSize: 4FREE AREA (SQ.IN.): 5.5CTN/QTY: 25
SKU: 683338US ITEM #: 683838MODEL #: WG401XBDescription: Extended BaseSize: 4FREE AREA (SQ.IN.): CTN/QTY: 25
SKU: 683105US ITEM #: 683605MODEL #: WG501Description: Extended BaseSize: 5FREE AREA (SQ.IN.): 9.9CTN/QTY: 25
SKU: 683106US ITEM #: 683606MODEL #: WG601Description: Extended BaseSize: 6FREE AREA (SQ.IN.): 11.4CTN/QTY: 25

Color: Black (11)