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Ceiling and Sidewall Diffusers

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Ceiling and Sidewall Diffusers – Supply/Exhaust – Plastic WGX Series – True-Flow Vent

SKUMODEL #DescriptionSizeFREE AREA (SQ.IN.)CTN/QTYQuantityAdd to Cart
683340WGX4Adjustable Air Diffuser4" dia.10.525
683342WGX5Adjustable Air Diffuser5" dia.16.925
683344WGX6Adjustable Air Diffuser6" dia.25.125
683346WGX7Adjustable Air Diffuser7" dia.35.515
683348WGX8Adjustable Air Diffuser8" dia.45.515

Ceiling and Sidewall Diffusers Accessories

SKUUS ITEM #MODEL #DescriptionSizeCTN/QTYQuantityAdd to Cart
683092683592EB4X90Squeeze Elbow For WG401425

Ceiling and Sidewall Diffusers WG Series – Adjust-A-Vent

SKUUS ITEM #MODEL #DescriptionSizeFREE AREA (SQ.IN.)CTN/QTYQuantityAdd to Cart
683104683604WG401Short Base45.525
683338683838WG401XBExtended Base425
683105683605WG501Extended Base59.925
683106683606WG601Extended Base611.425

Color: Black (11)