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Roof Vents

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Accessories (SNAP-IN ADAPTER)

SKUUS ITEM #MODEL #DescriptionDIA (")FREE AREACTN/QTYQuantityAdd to Cart
683150683650RV28-4Snap-In Adapter412.6 sq. in.30
683151683651RV28-5Snap-In Adapter519.6 sq. in.30
683152683652RV28-6Snap-In Adapter627.8 sq. in./28.3 N.S.25
683153683653RV28-7Snap-In Adapter727.8 sq. in./38.5 N.S.25
683154683654RV28-8Snap-In Adapter827.8 sq. in./40.3 N.S.18

Roof Vents RVL28 Series / WC28 Wall Cap

SKUUS ITEM #MODEL #DescriptionCOLORCTN/QTYQuantityAdd to Cart
683286683786RVL2825Roof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentBlack – 256
683287683787RVL2828Roof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Grey – 286
683288683788RVL2868Roof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Brown – 686
683289683789RVL2828NSRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Grey – 286
C683091C683091WC28Wall Cap: Intake Exhaust Vent6
C683091C683091WC28NSWall Cap: Intake Exhaust Vent6

Note: NS = No Bird Screen. Colors: RVL28 – Black (25), Dark Brown (68), Light Grey (31), Dark Grey (28) WC28 – Light Grey (31), Snow White (01), Tan (45), Taupe (23)

RV20 Series – Low Profile Roof Vent

683167683667RV2025KITRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentBlack – 2520.910
683168683668RV2028KITRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Grey – 2820.910
683169683669RV2031KITRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentLight Grey – 3120.910
683170683670RV2045KITRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentTan – 4520.910
683171683671RV2068KITRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Brown – 6820.910
683172683672RV2025KITNSRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentBlack – 2521.410
683174683674RV2028KITNSRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Grey – 2821.410
C683091C683091RV2031KITNSRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentLight Grey – 3121.410
C683091C683091RV2045KITNSRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentTan – 4521.410
683173683673RV2068KITNSRoof Mount: Intake/Exhaust VentDark Brown – 6821.410

RV28 Series – Goose Neck Roof Vent

683140683640RV2825Exhaust Vent with ScreenBlack – 2526.55
683143683643RV2828Exhaust Vent with ScreenDark Grey – 2826.55
683142683642RV2831Exhaust Vent with ScreenLight Grey – 3126.55
683144683644RV2868Exhaust Vent with ScreenDark Brown – 6826.55