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Featuring THERMO-PAN® , a high quality, sheet metal alternative for constructing return air ducts between joists and stud cavities. Consists of corrugated insulation faced with aluminum. Significantly reduces duct noises and labor.


Thermo-Frames Return Air Grille Frames

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Thermo-Frames Return Air Grille Frames 6″ Height Standard

SKUMODEL #DescriptionSizePCS/BOXQuantityAdd to Cart
SKU: 683401MODEL #: 14620Description: StandardSize: 24 × 6PCS/BOX: 50
SKU: 683402MODEL #: 14630Description: StandardSize: 30 × 6 (1) or 14 × 6 (2)PCS/BOX: 50

Standard – Allows unfiltered air flow