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In-Slab Duct Ventilation System

The ECCODUCT™ system is a rectangular spiral seamed duct embedded in the structural concrete floors of high-rise buildings. The primary use of ECCODUCT™ is to exhaust air from bathroom fans, range hoods, and clothes dryers, but can also be used for fresh air intake and supply air.


ECCODUCT™ Slimline Lint Traps (Patented)

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ECCODUCT™ Components Lint Traps – Slim Line (Patented)

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SKU: 599704Size: 4 - 5 × 28-1/2A ("): 28 -1/2Ø B ("): 5CTN/QTY: 2WT/100 PCS.: 600
SKU: 599706Size: 4 - 5 × 30-1/2A ("): 30-1/2Ø B ("): 5CTN/QTY: 2WT/100 PCS.: 610
SKU: 599707Size: 4 - 4 × 30-1/2A ("): 30-1/2Ø B ("): 4CTN/QTY: 2WT/100 PCS.: 610