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All gauge pipe available, from 24 to light gauge residential and draw bands to reducers and increasers.


Pipe Dampers – Single Stem

Pipe Damper - Single Stem
Pipe Damper Single Stem Drawing

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Pipe Dampers — Single Stem

SKUSizeA (")CTN/QTYWT/100QuantityAdd to Cart
SKU: 112600Size: 3A ("): 2-11/16CTN/QTY: 50WT/100: 10
SKU: 112700Size: 4A ("): 3-11/16CTN/QTY: 50WT/100: 12
SKU: 112800Size: 5A ("): 4-11/16CTN/QTY: 50WT/100: 16
SKU: 112900Size: 6A ("): 5-11/16CTN/QTY: 50WT/100: 21
SKU: 113000Size: 7A ("): 6-11/16CTN/QTY: 50WT/100: 27
SKU: 113100Size: 8A ("): 7-11/16CTN/QTY: 50WT/100: 34