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ECCO Spiral Pipe combines the economy of light gauge materials with a spirally formed lockseam construction that provides maximum strength and rigidity.


Galvanized Spiral Pipe Hangers

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Galvanized Spiral Pipe Hangers

SKUSizeA (")GaugeWT LBS/EAQuantityAdd to Cart
SKU: 430104Size: 4A ("): 4-3/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-16
SKU: 430105Size: 5A ("): 5-3/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-19
SKU: 430106Size: 6A ("): 6-3/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-22
SKU: 430107Size: 7A ("): 7-3/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-25
SKU: 430108Size: 8A ("): 8-3/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-28
SKU: 430109Size: 9A ("): 9-3/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-31
SKU: 430110Size: 10A ("): 10-3/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-34
SKU: 430112Size: 12A ("): 12-3/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-4
SKU: 430114Size: 14A ("): 14-1/8Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-46
SKU: 430116Size: 16A ("): 16-1/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-52
SKU: 430118Size: 18A ("): 18-1/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-58
SKU: 430120Size: 20A ("): 20-1/16Gauge: 22WT LBS/EA: 0-64