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Residential Model E/R B-Vent Chimney Type B Gas Vent 3" — 8"

ECCO Type B Gas Vent, Model E/R (Quick Lock) is designed for venting all approved propane and natural gas appliances. Model E/R is available in sizes 3 in to 8 in diameter with many prefabricated components to meet all installation needs.


Support Plates — SP

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Support Plates – SP

SKUMODEL #SizeA (")B (")C (")DECTN/QTYWT/100QuantityAdd to Cart
2003173SP35-5/8 × 5-5/83-5/81317410210
2004174SP46-5/8 × 6-5/84-5/81317410200
2105175SP57-5/8 × 7-5/85-5/81317410200
2106176SP68-5/8 × 8-5/86-5/81317410200
2207177SP79-5/8 × 9-5/87-5/8131748200
2208178SP810-5/8 × 10-5/88-5/8131748150

Note: Support Plate and Support Ring required for every 30 feet of vent height.