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Residential Model E/R B-Vent Chimney Type B Gas Vent 3" — 8"

ECCO Type B Gas Vent, Model E/R (Quick Lock) is designed for venting all approved propane and natural gas appliances. Model E/R is available in sizes 3 in to 8 in diameter with many prefabricated components to meet all installation needs.


Wall Thimbles — Round Pipe

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Wall Thimbles – Round Pipe

SKUMODEL #SizeCTN/QTYWT/100QuantityAdd to Cart
SKU: 614153MODEL #: 3RWTSize: 3CTN/QTY: 12WT/100: 133
SKU: 614154MODEL #: 4RWTSize: 4CTN/QTY: 12WT/100: 133
SKU: 614155MODEL #: 5RWTSize: 5CTN/QTY: 12WT/100: 150
SKU: 614156MODEL #: 6RWTSize: 6CTN/QTY: 12WT/100: 167
SKU: 614157MODEL #: 7RWTSize: 7CTN/QTY: *WT/100: 200
SKU: 614158MODEL #: 8RWTSize: 8CTN/QTY: *WT/100: 200

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